Saturday, February 13, 2016

Spectating at the Olympic Marathon trials - Los Angeles 2016

Spectating at the Olympic marathon trials in Los Angeles was fascinating... Watching the best marathon runners in the country run one of the most important races of their lives. There were the moments which we get to see on TV but I was intrigued by the back story... what happens beyond the glitz of the cameras. There were aspects of the race which I reflected on...

There are things while training for a marathon which is out of your control. The weather being one of them. Here in the race of their lives folks have to deal with record heat in February...

There were runners who had dedicated their lives to qualify for this race yet their body failed them for this last run. Some didn't make the start line and there were others who could not make the finish line. It was poignant to watch people dropping out be it after 6 miles, 13 miles or even 22 miles. They had given their all and it wasn’t going to be enough L
This was so beautifully captured by this OT qualifier:

Yes. There were two people who were last here too. I marveled at how amazing they were. I had often heard the adage that no matter how fast you are, apart from a select few, there's always likely to be someone faster than you. An article on the two who finished last...

Even in this race, where folks had to run a 2:19 to qualify, there were people WALKING after mile 20. A reminder that when you've given it all you got, there is truly no shame in walking and gutting it to the finish line.

Body type

Most of the runners were super-toned and had the prototypical elite marathon body. Yet, there were some outliers. Yes, they were fast when they did not look like they should have been fast!!


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