Sunday, November 15, 2015

3000 miles for the year - surreal runs to get there!!!

My goal for the year was to run 3000 miles - something that I had never done before. I had come close last year with 2900ish miles. I got there on November 15th with around 45 days of the year to spare.

I had no special plans on getting to this milestone but it was quite a coincidence that my runs leading to mile 3000 were some of the most memorable runs of the year (and perhaps ever)...

Wednesday in St George: Running with a vista of the red rocks and snow canyon

Thursday in the Grand Canyon: Running along the rim trail

Friday on the North Kaibab trail: From the base of the Grand Canyon towards the North Rim!

Saturday in the Grand Canyon: Again running on the rim trail but exploring a different portion

Sunday at the Las Vegas Marathon: Crossed 3000 miles at mile 9 of the marathon, passing through the lights and energy of the Strip in the night.


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