Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rock and Roll Vancouver half marathon 2015 Race Report

RNR Vancouver was to be the second race of three, that I planned to run using my RNR 3 race pass. I ran the RNR Denver marathon last week and planned to run the RNR Vegas marathon in November. I really had no idea what to expect for this race given that I had run marathons in the previous two weeks (the Chicago marathon was the first one). On a positive note I recovered much more quickly from Denver than Chicago and was able to get in some longer easy runs in the preceding days.

I had been feeling quite sick since Wednesday, the week of. It probably was due to the change in temperature we experienced in Seattle coupled with the weakened immunity from running two back to back marathons. Also, work had not allowed me the rest I needed. I came back home on Friday night and crashed sleeping for 12 hours. Thankfully, when I woke up on Saturday morning, I felt a lot better!

I had never visited Vancouver in Fall. This is typically a rainy period. We were lucky that the race weekend had great weather. I have to say, I fell in love with Vancouver once again - the energy and the beauty of the city enhanced by the Fall colors. Then in the night, I had a plethora of cuisine options within a block of where we were staying (close to the race start at BC place).

The expo was a typical RNR style expo except that the vendors made it a point to ensure that folks from the US knew that our dollar was now significantly stronger than the Canadian $ :) I was wearing my RNR Denver jacket. It proved to be quite a conversation starter and appeared to be a badge of honor...

In the evening, I got in a 6 miler starting at the waterfront (around BC place). Interestingly, I covered the first 3 miles of the half-marathon course. My legs felt pretty decent which was a good sign for the race.

Temperature: 50F
Humidity: 76%

I had a corral 1 assignment and lined up conservatively in the corral... The pre-race announcer was from the US and was mildly insulting the "polite" Canadians and telling them to liven up :p That's what happens when a US company buys out a Canadian race... The rendition of "Oh Canada" and the race started. 
mile 1: 6:18
I could not believe how fast I was running to start off. It was a downhill mile but still ?!?!

mile 2: 6:51
An out-and back on a bridge. I saw another SGLRG runner and Nelson on the other side (I later learned the other runner was Richard).

mile 3: 6:55
5 km - 20:31 @ 6:36
mile 4: 7:08
My shoe laces came undone! I hoped it would not be a repeat of Denver where I had to tie my shoe laces 4 times!!

As we looped by downtown we were blowing past the walkers who had started earlier. Some of them were a bit shocked to see objects moving by them at such a torrid pace.

mile 5: 6:52
Running by the marina trail. The course was so beautiful and the weather was just perfect. It was such a stark contrast to the ugly course in Denver and sub-optimal weather of the past two weeks! This was a happy run and I found myself smiling at times.

mile 6: 7:00
10 km - 42:33 @ 6:51
mile 7: 7:09
mile 8: 7:00
The course continued along the water - Sunset Beach Park and English Bay Park. The sun had just made an appearance as we passed. Just beautiful!

mile 9: 7:11
15 km - 1:03:11 @ 6:47
mile 10: 7:19
mile 11: 7:20
We made our way into Stanley park. The topography was rolling and there were some decent climbs. A guy remarked to me - "I keep trying to shake you off and you keep coming back :)"

mile 12: 7:08
mile 13: 6:52
The final miles by the water with vistas decorated by Fall colors! There were some fast women around me who were kicking it in.

mile .11/.23: 1:38
In RNR style the course was over but I didn't really care.

RNR provided us with an extra medal for running an "international" race and a race in the US - the world rocker medal. I stopped for a pic at the CTV photo-booth. They were fascinated for some reason. They made me pose with a picture of their Canucks calendar and their staff, and the took a picture with their phone :)

Chip Time - 01:32:35 @ 7:04 
Clock Time - 01:32:42
Overall: 118 out of 5001
Division: 22 out of 326
Gender: 99 out of 1963

All in all I loved this experience - the race, the city and the weekend! I've got to come back again!!


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