Sunday, May 24, 2015

A comparison of the best marathon training plans

This is a pretty handy comparison of the popular marathon training plans:
  • Jack Daniel's. These plans specify two runs per week, a long run and a speedwork, with the rest let up to the individual.
  • FIRST. Three runs per week; tempo, intervals and long run, plus 2 days of cross training.
  • Galloway. All plans use Walking Breaks and some include training runs longer than the marathon distance.
  • Hanson. Long runs limited to 16 miles but with lots of marathon paced running.
  • Pfitzinger. Plans for experienced runners, including some high mileage plans with multiple runs per day.
  • Higdon. The easier plans are 'vanilla', while the harder ones include back to back long runs.
  • Waitz. Only a single, simple plan for first time marathon runners. 


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