Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bikram Yoga take 2

I got a Groupon for another set of 10 Bikram Yoga classes (to be completed in 60 days). I hate stretching so this will be goodness.

Class 1, 2/22: I dealt with the heat much better or maybe this studio just has better ventilation since it's very new. I still struggled with all the poses I struggled with last time around. However, as I remind myself, even if I can get through a quarter of the poses it's a win for me!

Class 2, 3/4: I barely made it to class before the door closed. Once classes start you aren't allowed in. Today was much better. I think I got the cobwebs out of the way last time around. It was good to get in some yoga after running 15,13 and 6 miles on Mon, Tue and today...

Class 3, 3/8: Time passed quite quickly and in general was pleasant. Pose #20 is the only one I give up on. I don't want to end up with a dislocated spine :p It was good to get in a class after yesterday's half... So that's two classes for the week.

Class 4, 3/11: I did do something for pose #20 which was an achievement of sorts. The room felt warmer than normal today :p The skill level of the class seemed lower than normal. I guess it's perhaps because it was a Wed pm class. In general my yoga place from last summer had more hardcore yogis... Or maybe because it was summer? Who knows?

Class 5, 3/15: This class was perfect on a weekend of incessant rain. I got there 25 minutes early so I got to spend a lot more time pre-class in the hot room unwinding...

Class 6, 3/22: After the lung burning "Big Climb" in the morning this session was much needed to calm my breathing down!

Class 7, 3/29: I was glad to get in class today - it felt good! 2 weeks to taper and 3 more classes left...

Class 8, 4/5: I went out for an earlier slot (4pm) than normal (6pm). The room seemed to be a lot warmer for the lower poses. More folks struggling than in a normal class... I was a bit sore from the 15k race+LR back-to-back Pfitz combo so hopefully this will help.

Class 9, 4/8: After running 14 miles in the afternoon. This was the first time I have had a guy instructor for a Bikram class. On the positive side he had energy and spent more time helping folks get the correct poses. He kept the fan on for a lot of the class and even let cold air by opening the door a few times. I wonder if that was a little bit of "cheating" :)

Class 10, 4/12: Goal achieved - another 10 classes completed in 60 days!!! The floor poses sure felt hot today... That takes me into the last 3 weeks of marathon taper!

Bikram just feels so awesome when done! I have no doubt that it helps prevent running injuries and improve overall health. I was a skeptic who's now a convert. It's just that without Groupons it does get pricey. I guess at some point I'll end up paying up :)


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