Thursday, October 16, 2014

Getting back on the roads...

I've had a two week break after the Berlin marathon. I was in Kolkata, India. This was a planned break and was determined to stick to the plan. I didn't have to try hard - the oppressive heat and humidity in Kolkata meant that I had no desire what-so-ever to walk let alone run :)

I returned to Seattle after a LONG and arduous journey on Monday evening. Jet-lagged and tired, it needed quite a bit of motivation to head out for a run. Motivation I had - a new pair of Nike test shoes waiting for me!! These were another iteration of the shoes I had tested a couple of months back. I have to say these new shoes are beautiful (if ever that can be said of shoes). I'd have posted a pic here if I was allowed to. Gosh - I love these shoes. I might have to pony up the money to buy a pair when they are released :)

I've now got in my first three runs post-marathon break. My body is rusty. My pace is above 8. My quads and calf are a little sore. Here's hoping this phase does not last long!


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