Sunday, September 28, 2014


Perhaps... Maybe... Sort of...

Berlin Marathon Attempt 1: Sept 2011
- Hit by car
- DNS after walking on to the start on race day. Stress Fracture.
- Dad passes away two days later

Berlin Marathon Attempt 2: Sept 2013
- Undertrained and unready
- Finished. Was a struggle with a lot of walking - 3:39

Berlin Marathon Attempt 3: Sept 2014
- Best training cycle of my life
- Hopeful of at least a 3:05
- End up with a 3:09:41 which is a 3 second marathon PR

I'm still scratching my head with this one. I felt great going into taper. Was generally fine when I was running everyday. Then I decided to take 3.5 rest days in the week of the race. Pfitz generally has you running quite a bit on the week of the race. I usually do not follow his last week. Reading an elite's take on taper - she mentions it's wise to keep your running schedule lest you body gets shocked by the sudden change in training routine. After the 2.5 days break, I headed out for a per-race day 2 miler. After the run, my quad were as sore as it would be after a marathon. Incredibly strange!! Never had any soreness in my quads when I was churning out all these monster miles. Also, I caught some sort of stomach bug a couple of days before the race. I felt both from mile 1 but my aerobic conditioning ensured I was able to salvage a decent and strong run. Also, it was in the 60Fs for the last hour of the run but I doubt that was a factor with my training being in summer...

I now realize how difficult it is to pull off running a good marathon in a different continent and culture. Jet lag, food, ongoings before and during the race. More on that in my race report.

So is this Redemption? It's kind of like going to a great seafood restaurant, hoping for the Alaskan King Salmon and getting the Rainbow Trout. The Trout was good but I really wanted the Salmon!!


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