Monday, July 28, 2014

3 years ago...

On this day, three years back, I was hit by a car... That set off a spiral of events from which I didn't really recover running-wise until my sojourn to the land of the Incas. I am in search for redemption - to complete the unfinished, in 2011, in 2014. Will that happen? Time will tell. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Motivation and Habit

Came across the following and I could not agree more!!

"Motivation is what gets you started."
"Habit is what keeps you going."

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bikram Yoga

With all my infinite wisdom I decided to buy a Groupon for ten Bikram yoga classes. I hate the heat and go insane when it goes over 85F. So to sign up to get in a room which is heated up to 110-115F is very mystical.

I'd have to say my first class last week was one of the toughest things I've done. It was brutal. The only encouragement was that everyone in the class were in amazing shape and some of them were also taking a break...

My second class today was a better. It was less a question of surviving but only sucking. That I am OK with - I can see this being very beneficial to injury prevention.


Class 1 - July 6th: A struggle to cope with the heat. Need to take breaks.

Class 1 - July 13th: Coped fine with the heat but weaknesses in several of the routines.

Class 3 - July 21st: Strong through the heat. Performed fine in a lot of the poses. Weaknesses especially in the balancing poses.

Class 4 - July 30th: Better still and made it through some of the balance poses. After running 15 miles in the morning. The instructor said something that explained why I've never been able to touch my toes ever - "Your legs are much longer than your hands". Duh!

Class 5 - August 3rd: Second class of the week. Half way to my goal of 10 classes in 60 days. Did get a little tough towards the end...

Class 6 - August 10th: After day for running and a stair workout. It didn't feel too bad. I think this instructor cheated a bit. I noticed her opening the door for a few moments to let some cold air in. That or 115F does not feel that warm anymore...

Class 7 - August 17th: Barely made it in time for class amidst the congestion caused by Hempfest. The door is locked as soon as class starts so it would have been horrible to make it all the way and not be able to enter. In class a Pam Anderson look-a-like in a swim suit was a welcome distraction... Or maybe I was hallucinating - whatever gets you through the 115F heat :p

Class 8 - August 20th: A 15 miler in the morning, work then yoga. The instructor was a young lady who did not "cheat" with the heat. Man it did get hot and the last few minutes were tough! The 3rd pose is what we used to call Soloman's chair in school. It was a staple for "skinning ups". Now that I think of it ... At that time in school we considered what the 12 graders did to us as bullying. As adults we pay personal trainers $100/hr to do the same :p Shouldn't we be thanking our seniors in boarding school for free personal training :)

Class 9 - August 24th: In the morning I ran a 17 miler with 14 at marathon pace. To be able to make it through yoga in the evening was an achievement I think. The class was packed!

Class 10 - August 27th: 15 in the morning, yoga in the evening. This was the instructor who "cheats" by letting cold air in. This made the class so much easier. This time she fessed up - "I'm letting some cold air in because it's so humid. If you think it is too cold raise your hand". Of course I did not raise my hand. There was a crossfit lady in front of me. Had to be impressed by her sculpted muscles and washer board abs. I have to say I'm proud of myself that I made it though 10 classes within the 60 day expiry period. Great job me! Will I go back to Bikram yoga again? Of course. I won't be paying full price for it. I'll probably look for another Groupon... It definitely is beneficial! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Nike shoe test complete

I had my final run in the Nike XXXXaXo. The shoe is now in the post office making it's way back home. I ran 595 miles during the 8 week test period in 66 runs. We were asked to run at least 35-40 miles per week so I exceeded that handily :p

I'd love to buy a pair of these shoes when they come out but I'm guessing it will be way out of my price range. I think it would cost around $220 retail and I normally pay around $55 for my running shoes (going a model or two older, online and with discounts).

That said, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's run in newer shoes!!

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