Monday, June 30, 2014

Second Quarter Report

I ran the Paris marathon in the first week of the quarter. Post marathon, the month of April did not see much running.

In May, I gradually started ramping up, and getting my groove into a pretty good routine.

June saw a well-oiled engine in motion! I ended up with 337 miles. This is the most I've ever run in a calendar month in my life. What was neat was that none of these miles were "candy-ass" miles - every single run was at sub-8 min/mile average pace. I ran every day barring June 6th. I was in Atlanta for my cousin's wedding on that day and I did not want to be mugged in the dark :p I considered breaking my no treadmill streak but decided against it. I also, incorporated a day of doubles on Thursdays.

While I'm loosely sticking to the Pfitzinger training plan, I'm deviating from it so that I can add in a social element to my running. I'm getting in a few runs a week with the Seattle Green Lake Running group. The schedule I'm working with kind of looks like this.

Monday PM - Track workout [10 miles]
Tuesday AM - Easy [ 6 miles]
Wednesday AM - Pfitz ML [12-16 miles]
Thurs AM + PM - 6 miles + 8 miles (Tempo) [14 miles]
Friday AM - Easy [6 miles]
Saturday AM - Pfitz L [17-22 miles]
Sunday AM - Variable (Easy/Stair workout/Trails) [8 miles]

This puts me in the ballpark of 70-80 miles a week which is where I'll be hanging out. I have a desire to get in some hill repeats so I'll have to see where I can fit that in.

My third quarter report I think will be telling. Either my execution will succeed or it will fail. Time will tell :)


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