Monday, June 30, 2014

Second Quarter Report

I ran the Paris marathon in the first week of the quarter. Post marathon, the month of April did not see much running.

In May, I gradually started ramping up, and getting my groove into a pretty good routine.

June saw a well-oiled engine in motion! I ended up with 337 miles. This is the most I've ever run in a calendar month in my life. What was neat was that none of these miles were "candy-ass" miles - every single run was at sub-8 min/mile average pace. I ran every day barring June 6th. I was in Atlanta for my cousin's wedding on that day and I did not want to be mugged in the dark :p I considered breaking my no treadmill streak but decided against it. I also, incorporated a day of doubles on Thursdays.

While I'm loosely sticking to the Pfitzinger training plan, I'm deviating from it so that I can add in a social element to my running. I'm getting in a few runs a week with the Seattle Green Lake Running group. The schedule I'm working with kind of looks like this.

Monday PM - Track workout [10 miles]
Tuesday AM - Easy [ 6 miles]
Wednesday AM - Pfitz ML [12-16 miles]
Thurs AM + PM - 6 miles + 8 miles (Tempo) [14 miles]
Friday AM - Easy [6 miles]
Saturday AM - Pfitz L [17-22 miles]
Sunday AM - Variable (Easy/Stair workout/Trails) [8 miles]

This puts me in the ballpark of 70-80 miles a week which is where I'll be hanging out. I have a desire to get in some hill repeats so I'll have to see where I can fit that in.

My third quarter report I think will be telling. Either my execution will succeed or it will fail. Time will tell :)

Sunday, June 01, 2014

North Olympic Discovery Half Marathon 2014 Pacer Report


After the Paris marathon I had been taking a bit of a break from running. I really had no impetus to get back to a regular running schedule. Then I noticed an op to be a pacer for the North Olympic Discover marathon. Once I committed to being a pacer for the 1:45 half, I had a reason to maintain an acceptable level of fitness. The race was on June 1st, my birthday. I had never run an event on my birthday so this would be a first.

I began my three hour drive to Sequim at 2 am. On reaching there I got in a little nap at the parking lot before taking the first shuttle to the half marathon start. The half was to start at 8:30 am which was an hour after the full.

After I picked up my race and pacer essentials, I proceeded to run a couple of warm up miles. I wanted to get in 15 miles for the day. This run was to be at the end of a 72 mile week. The good thing is that this would be my slowest run this week.


Temperature: 57F
Humidity: 74%

mile 1: 7:52
mile 2: 7:59 (off by :04)
mile 3: 7:56 (off by :06)

The first three miles were relatively flat. I was shooting for an 7:55 mile average to build a buffer in case the mile markers ended up being off. We had a 90s buffer for pacing i.e. we needed to finish after 1:43:30 but before 1:45.

mile 4: 8:04
mile 5: 8:00
mile 6: 8:09 (off by :05)

The challenging section of the course with the climbs. I decided that there would be an opportunity to make up the seconds in the latter part of the course. I had a smallish group with me. We talked about the usual stuff - my times and goals in running and their goals for this race and life in general :)

mile 7: 8:03 (off by :12)
mile 8: 8:04 (off by :17)

Having two back to back mile markers being off back-to-back meant that I was now behind time. I had to assume that these markers were accurate. These miles were on a wooded trail that was paved, graveled or packed with dirt. There were some areas which made for interesting footing.

mile 9: 7:35 (off by :09)
mile 10: 7:36 (short by .03)

The big downhill section coupled with a short mile meant that I now had my buffer back and was on track as far as pacing went. The conditions were warm and humid. This coupled with the fact that this race in general has a slower field meant that my pace pack had dwindled.

mile 11: 7:53 (short by .03)
mile 12: 8:05
mile 13: 8:26 (off by :15)
.11: 0:48

I have heard this course being described as scenic. The last few miles along the Strait of Juan de Fuca certainly were. Ferries, ships and distant islands were in view on and beyond Discovery Bay and the open water.

In the last few miles there were more folks running away from me than running with me :p Seeing me would symbolize that they were about to fall being their goal and needed to pick up their pace!

I finished on target with 23s to spare.

The pacers had a free massage coupon. When I went to get mine, the lady politely asked me if I had another T-shirt to change to. I wondered why.. Then I figured why. The pacer jersey was made of heavy fabric. That coupled with the humid conditions and no body glide resulted in bleeding nips. Rookie mistake!


Gun Time: 1:44:37 @ 8min/mi
Chip Time: 1:44:30
OA: 63/970
Male: 46/263
AG: 6/37

Looking at the results. If I did race this one I could have easily gotten an AG award. It really is a pretty slow field. Nah, I think I will just stick with the pacer gig and focus on racing marathons :)

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