Wednesday, January 01, 2014

January 1, 2014

This ended up being quite a frenetic and eventful day.

It started with ringing in New Year's in Lima, Peru. This continued my streak of ringing the New Year in interesting locals (Ecuador, Cairo, Madrid,...). I already have the venue for New Year 2015 planned out ;)

I then jumped on one of my most comfortable plane rides, to Miami. I had the whole middle row to lie on while entertaining myself to "The Internship" and then blissful sleep. Oh why did the journey from Lima to Miami only have to last 5 odd hours.

In Miami, I got onto my rental car to drive to and from the Florida Keys... What a beautiful drive through the sky blue and turquoise green waters. I finally got to drive across the legendary "7 mile" bridge!

As amazing as my South American trip was, I was happy to return to the Seattle that I left! I hadn't noticed how beautiful, neat and tidy my dwelling really was! I guess a month on the road puts things into perspective :)

There's nothing like starting off the year with a run. So I headed out at 11 pm for a run on a dark, cloudy moonless night. I was a bit tired but it felt great! It was sad to see "the homeless man" preparing to go to sleep on a bench on new years day :(

Then sleep dear sleep on the most comfortable bed in the world!!


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