Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dodging snow pellets and acupuncture needles

Today's run was in horrific conditions. Freezing rain and 28 mph winds. It felt like I was dodging snow pellets and acupuncture needles while running into a brick wall completely drenched.

I think the only creatures that were truly enjoying the conditions were the sea gulls. They seemed to be enjoying gliding without any effort. Some of the other birds appeared shell-shocked on the trees.

I felt a sense of camaraderie with the other runners out there - a wave or a greeting for fellow warriors. Then in the building elevator I ran into another fellow runner who had come back from walking her dog. Her - "Wow. You made it through this." Me - "I was supposed to do my long run but instead of 17 I just did 7. I'll do the long run tomorrow." Her - "Same here. Doing my long run tomorrow too". Me - "Seems like better conditions tomorrow". Indeed better conditions - instead of rain and 28 mph winds there will be rain and 14 mph winds :p

The city is all revved up for the SeaHawks Playoff game today. The Space Needle dawns a 12th man flag. I will spare the chances of the Hawks by staying away from the game!


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