Saturday, April 06, 2013

T - 27

Mon, 7:10am - 6 miles: A slowish recovery run to start off a long day. Classes start today. 50F and cloudy.

Tue, 8:30pm - 7 miles: Heading back home I hardly felt like running leave alone at a fast clip. As always the key was getting out of the door. Avg pace: 7:21 - 7:47, 7:34, 7:33, 7:17, 7:07, 7:22, 6:48. 55F
Sight of the day: A raccoon who was not impressed seeing a human sprinting towards it. I also saw a duck cross the trail. She could care less about who else needed to use the trail (the attitude displayed left no doubt that it was a female).

Wed, 8:30pm - 14 miles: 58F. Saw cat lady again. This time feeding 2 cats under the car!!

Thu, 11pm - 8 miles: 56F and windy. After a busy day at work and then classes. The thing with living in a condo is that everyone is pretty friendly - for better or worse we are stuck with each other. As I am heading our a lady goes - "Wow! You're heading out for a run now. That's dedication." She goes on to say that's it was nice outside. Thankfully she was right and the rain had finally stopped.
Sight of the day: As I approached the Elliott bay marina I saw a large black limo approach. It was a dark moonless night.

Fri, 10pm - 6 miles: 51F, rain, wind. I really need to get around to running in light. This isn't going to work for too long...

Sat - 2:30pm - 22 miles: I dressed up and headed out for a run only to be confronted by a steady rain and 16mph wind gusts. I called it quits and went back inside. After a while, miraculously the rain stopped and the sun came out. I was like... Hmmm. So I headed for a run. Half way through it started pouring again, this time with hail. Just as I was ready to call it quits again the rain stopped and the sun came out again. This pattern repeated a couple of times again. I got drenched again with a 2 miles to go. At that point I would have finished this run even if a cyclone came in!! Soaked and muddy, I cannot describe how good a long warm shower felt.
Sight of the day: Desolation. On a sunny day the waterfront is packed. Today the only creatures who were there were the ducks and sea gulls (and a few other crazy runners).

Total = 63 miles


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