Monday, April 15, 2013

Blasts at Boston Marathon

It's just shocking to hear about the blasts at today's Boston marathon. When I was in Boston, every year I'd sneak out from work on marathon day to the finish line, to watch runners finish. It was that sight that finally motivated me to try to run a marathon. In 2005, I did run the Boston marathon, passing through that hallowed finish line. All this makes today's news all that more surreal... :((

Saturday, April 06, 2013

T - 27

Mon, 7:10am - 6 miles: A slowish recovery run to start off a long day. Classes start today. 50F and cloudy.

Tue, 8:30pm - 7 miles: Heading back home I hardly felt like running leave alone at a fast clip. As always the key was getting out of the door. Avg pace: 7:21 - 7:47, 7:34, 7:33, 7:17, 7:07, 7:22, 6:48. 55F
Sight of the day: A raccoon who was not impressed seeing a human sprinting towards it. I also saw a duck cross the trail. She could care less about who else needed to use the trail (the attitude displayed left no doubt that it was a female).

Wed, 8:30pm - 14 miles: 58F. Saw cat lady again. This time feeding 2 cats under the car!!

Thu, 11pm - 8 miles: 56F and windy. After a busy day at work and then classes. The thing with living in a condo is that everyone is pretty friendly - for better or worse we are stuck with each other. As I am heading our a lady goes - "Wow! You're heading out for a run now. That's dedication." She goes on to say that's it was nice outside. Thankfully she was right and the rain had finally stopped.
Sight of the day: As I approached the Elliott bay marina I saw a large black limo approach. It was a dark moonless night.

Fri, 10pm - 6 miles: 51F, rain, wind. I really need to get around to running in light. This isn't going to work for too long...

Sat - 2:30pm - 22 miles: I dressed up and headed out for a run only to be confronted by a steady rain and 16mph wind gusts. I called it quits and went back inside. After a while, miraculously the rain stopped and the sun came out. I was like... Hmmm. So I headed for a run. Half way through it started pouring again, this time with hail. Just as I was ready to call it quits again the rain stopped and the sun came out again. This pattern repeated a couple of times again. I got drenched again with a 2 miles to go. At that point I would have finished this run even if a cyclone came in!! Soaked and muddy, I cannot describe how good a long warm shower felt.
Sight of the day: Desolation. On a sunny day the waterfront is packed. Today the only creatures who were there were the ducks and sea gulls (and a few other crazy runners).

Total = 63 miles

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