Sunday, March 24, 2013


Mon , 6:45pm - 6 miles: The weather forecast had called for the sun to come out in the evening after the rain and it did! Today marked the first day that the day was longer than the night. The sun rose at 7:18am yesterday and set at 7:18pm. Today both moved out by 2 minutes each. Recovery pace for the first couple miles, getting progressively faster. Finished with a couple of fast sub-8 miles - last 7:24.

Tue, 4pm - 6 miles: In Redmond. A little windy, drizzle. Some faster miles. Sub-8 avg.

Wed, 10pm - 10 miles: 10 at 10 :) Not exactly intentional but a late day at work. The weather turned out to be much better than forecast. Not a significant amount of wind and no rain.
Sight of the day: The stars in the sky. A surprisingly clear sky.

Thur, 9:45pm - 6 miles: Quickish run at 7:45 pace. Was chilly by the time I finished. Got late heading out after being distracted by the new rev of the Pandora app for WP.
The day: We had bright sunshine, rain, snow and everything inbetween. Only in Seattle!

Fri, 1:00pm - 6 miles: Sun and snow towards the end! I was determined to make it through the 51st hill without stopping. It used to be easy before! A sub-8 mile avg pace.
Amusing site of the day: A desi housewife wearing a salwar kameez and coat, walking on the trail suddenly was attempting to jog!

Sat, 3:00pm - 21.56 miles (3 hours): Sunny, 50F. Shorts + Ts. Spring!
Amusing sight of the day: A dog off a leach running away from his owner who was biking behind it trying to catch up. Finally when he did the dog was escorted back on a leach.

Sun, 3:30pm - 10.10 miles: Felt great! Sun and 55F. Next week should be even better with it making it to the 60s.
Sight of the day: The golden sun rays on the water.

Total = 65.66 miles


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