Sunday, March 10, 2013

New york runs

Mon, 7:45am - 6 miles: Chilly nippy 34F but sunny. In a day full of meetings this was my only chance to get in a run in light. Finished the last mile in 7:24...

Tue, 8:00pm - 6 miles: That smell of rain... I got a Cliff sampler box in the mail for filling a form on the Cliff pace team page.
Moment of the day: Realizing that there was still light outside when I reached home!

Wed, 7:30am - 8 miles: Windy - but waaay better than digging out of a snowstorm in the midwest or the northeast. I ran into the wind for the first half so the second half was quite a bit easier. Usually the direction of the wind is the other way around.

Thur, 7:00pm - 6 miles: Just before I headed to the airport. I had delayed my run for later in the day because of the better forecast. The forecast indeed was accurate. Averaged below 8 min miles with a 7:20 final mile.
Event of the day: My dear neice turns 10. How quickly time passes!

Fri, 4:00pm - 6 miles: In snow-bound Valhalla, NY. It had stopped snowing but the trails/sidewalks were covered with snow. Therefore, I ran laps around the parking lot of the school opposite my sis' house. Quite the mental test. I found it ironical that in school we had to run laps as a punishment and now I was doing it voluntarily in a wind chill of 22F. Of course as luck would have it the weather in Seattle Fri-Sun is sunny and warm. The rain is scheduled to come back on Monday!

Sat, 2pm - 17 miles: A beautiful sunny day with the snow melting away. There were some sections where I had to run on snow. I did not have water with me so I did have a couple of lumps of snow near the stream. After all if the penguins can eat snow why can't I :)

Sun, 9am - 8 miles: Sunny but in the 30s. No wind but ice patches in parts. Quite a few people on the trails. Daylight saving time commences and I lose an hour of sleep.

Total - 57 miles


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