Sunday, March 31, 2013

72 miles covered in the week

I wasn't sure if I'd have the motivation and ability to run 70 miles in a week again. That's averaging 10 miles a day. There will be times when I'll struggle to run 7 miles in a week so it's worth reflecting on this moment in time...

Mon - 5:00pm, 6 miles: Utopia - 61F and sunny. Held up pretty well up the 51st hill
Sight of the day: I noticed that there is a cherry blossom tree right outside my balcony and it's blossoming! That's perfect. I have flowers outside without having to work for it!

Tue - 1:00pm, 6 miles: 58F and sunny. Felt good to feel hot and sweat - I'm sure I won't be saying this in summer. 7:28 avg pace including the 51st hill - 7:28, 6:56, 6:56, 7:10, 8:48, 7:25

Wed - 9:30pm, 12 miles: I was feeling pretty sick by the time I came home. Thanks to everyone coughing around me. I'd like to believe I felt much better after the run :) 50F and a pleasant night.
Sights of the day:
  • A lady with her car parked in the dark feeding her cat under her car. That would not have been odd except that I saw her in the same place feeding her cat last Wednesday night... Unless she lives in her car...
  • The beauty of the Elliott bay marina with the Seattle skyline in the backdrop and a full moon night.
  • A huge rat.
  • A guy doing pullups in the dark. I guess if I can run so can he do pullups.
  • A couple "romancing" in the dark. I really don't need to watch reality TV with all this happening.
  • The planes making their final descent to Seatac.
  • The Brainbridge ferry gliding along the shimmering water.
Thurs - 6:00pm, 8 miles: Hill repeats and hills. Sure was tough doing them after so long. 62F...

Fri - 6:00pm, 6 miles: 64F & Sunny.
Moment of the day: Trying on a pair of jeans that had not fit in a bit - it fit!

Sat - 6:00pm, 12 miles: It got kind of late so I'll have to try for a long run tomorrow. Stomach woes towards the end... 60Fs, sunny but windy. I ran into a guy in the elevator and I'd run into him after my run on Wed at 11pm. He was like - "Man you're a ball of inspiration." :p
Sight of the day: The sunset, golden light and the golden hue on Mt Rainier...

Sun - 12pm, 22 miles: On a day like today there isn't any other place in the world I'd rather be. 66F and sunny. Running into the wind while difficult helped cool things down. I wore a Chunkit T after a long time and sure enough I ran into a couple of folks from Chuckit!
Sight of the day: Beautiful mountains and beautiful dresses. There should be a law banning women above a certain girth from being allowed to buy skinny jeans - it's for their own good!

Total = 72 miles


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