Sunday, March 17, 2013

60 mpw and 30 days

60 miles for the week and 30 consecutive days of running. This is the first time this happened since the twin events - the car hit and my dad's passing.

Mon, 9pm - 6 miles: I woke up at 5am EST (2am PST) to get my flight back home. After 8 hours of flying followed by work, I hardly had an iota of energy. There are very few things I would have been able to convince myself to do. I headed out for a run. After a sluggish first couple of miles I brought it home strongly - 7:47, 7:32, 7:10. It was perfect for running. 50Fs, no wind and the drizzle had stopped.

Tue, 9pm - 6 miles: A slow easy paced run. My ankle had been acting up while walking so I was careful. Basically, I've run over 450 miles with these shoes and it's time for new shoes. It was windy but in the 50Fs so not too bad.

Wed, 6pm - 8 miles: Leveraging daylight saving time to run in light. Light drizzle and 50Fs. Quite a few runners out there.

Thur, 9:30pm - 6 miles: Rain, wind, 50Fs and new shoes!

Fri, 7pm - 6 miles: A sunset and the color of dusk. Averaged 7:30 pace...

Sat, 12pm - 8 miles: I had intended to get in a long run but I just didn't have it in me to fight the strong 15-25mph wind. I wasn't enjoying the run. I'll try again tomorrow.

Sun, 1pm - 20.16 miles: Made it today! I waited till it got warm. It was still a little windy but it was sunny for most of it which helped. I ran in shorts and Ts as well as without a drinking bottle. This helped me maintain a good form. All in all, it was a strong run with 7:50 last mile.
Sights of the day:
A plethora of green for St. Patrick's day. The Irish joint opposite my apartment and by the waterfront was rocking abet with a stench of alcohol.
I probably saw the ugliest dog ever. His owner tried to convince me that he was a good dog and did not bite. She asked me if I was afraid of the dog. Well I didn't tell her this but I was afraid I might become a Dracula if such an ugly creature bit me :p
I saw a couple of desis strolling at a grandfatherly pace. I probably passed them three times before I was done. If they moved any slower the wind would have blown them backwards!

Total = 60.16 miles


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