Sunday, March 31, 2013

72 miles covered in the week

I wasn't sure if I'd have the motivation and ability to run 70 miles in a week again. That's averaging 10 miles a day. There will be times when I'll struggle to run 7 miles in a week so it's worth reflecting on this moment in time...

Mon - 5:00pm, 6 miles: Utopia - 61F and sunny. Held up pretty well up the 51st hill
Sight of the day: I noticed that there is a cherry blossom tree right outside my balcony and it's blossoming! That's perfect. I have flowers outside without having to work for it!

Tue - 1:00pm, 6 miles: 58F and sunny. Felt good to feel hot and sweat - I'm sure I won't be saying this in summer. 7:28 avg pace including the 51st hill - 7:28, 6:56, 6:56, 7:10, 8:48, 7:25

Wed - 9:30pm, 12 miles: I was feeling pretty sick by the time I came home. Thanks to everyone coughing around me. I'd like to believe I felt much better after the run :) 50F and a pleasant night.
Sights of the day:
  • A lady with her car parked in the dark feeding her cat under her car. That would not have been odd except that I saw her in the same place feeding her cat last Wednesday night... Unless she lives in her car...
  • The beauty of the Elliott bay marina with the Seattle skyline in the backdrop and a full moon night.
  • A huge rat.
  • A guy doing pullups in the dark. I guess if I can run so can he do pullups.
  • A couple "romancing" in the dark. I really don't need to watch reality TV with all this happening.
  • The planes making their final descent to Seatac.
  • The Brainbridge ferry gliding along the shimmering water.
Thurs - 6:00pm, 8 miles: Hill repeats and hills. Sure was tough doing them after so long. 62F...

Fri - 6:00pm, 6 miles: 64F & Sunny.
Moment of the day: Trying on a pair of jeans that had not fit in a bit - it fit!

Sat - 6:00pm, 12 miles: It got kind of late so I'll have to try for a long run tomorrow. Stomach woes towards the end... 60Fs, sunny but windy. I ran into a guy in the elevator and I'd run into him after my run on Wed at 11pm. He was like - "Man you're a ball of inspiration." :p
Sight of the day: The sunset, golden light and the golden hue on Mt Rainier...

Sun - 12pm, 22 miles: On a day like today there isn't any other place in the world I'd rather be. 66F and sunny. Running into the wind while difficult helped cool things down. I wore a Chunkit T after a long time and sure enough I ran into a couple of folks from Chuckit!
Sight of the day: Beautiful mountains and beautiful dresses. There should be a law banning women above a certain girth from being allowed to buy skinny jeans - it's for their own good!

Total = 72 miles

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Mon , 6:45pm - 6 miles: The weather forecast had called for the sun to come out in the evening after the rain and it did! Today marked the first day that the day was longer than the night. The sun rose at 7:18am yesterday and set at 7:18pm. Today both moved out by 2 minutes each. Recovery pace for the first couple miles, getting progressively faster. Finished with a couple of fast sub-8 miles - last 7:24.

Tue, 4pm - 6 miles: In Redmond. A little windy, drizzle. Some faster miles. Sub-8 avg.

Wed, 10pm - 10 miles: 10 at 10 :) Not exactly intentional but a late day at work. The weather turned out to be much better than forecast. Not a significant amount of wind and no rain.
Sight of the day: The stars in the sky. A surprisingly clear sky.

Thur, 9:45pm - 6 miles: Quickish run at 7:45 pace. Was chilly by the time I finished. Got late heading out after being distracted by the new rev of the Pandora app for WP.
The day: We had bright sunshine, rain, snow and everything inbetween. Only in Seattle!

Fri, 1:00pm - 6 miles: Sun and snow towards the end! I was determined to make it through the 51st hill without stopping. It used to be easy before! A sub-8 mile avg pace.
Amusing site of the day: A desi housewife wearing a salwar kameez and coat, walking on the trail suddenly was attempting to jog!

Sat, 3:00pm - 21.56 miles (3 hours): Sunny, 50F. Shorts + Ts. Spring!
Amusing sight of the day: A dog off a leach running away from his owner who was biking behind it trying to catch up. Finally when he did the dog was escorted back on a leach.

Sun, 3:30pm - 10.10 miles: Felt great! Sun and 55F. Next week should be even better with it making it to the 60s.
Sight of the day: The golden sun rays on the water.

Total = 65.66 miles

Sunday, March 17, 2013

60 mpw and 30 days

60 miles for the week and 30 consecutive days of running. This is the first time this happened since the twin events - the car hit and my dad's passing.

Mon, 9pm - 6 miles: I woke up at 5am EST (2am PST) to get my flight back home. After 8 hours of flying followed by work, I hardly had an iota of energy. There are very few things I would have been able to convince myself to do. I headed out for a run. After a sluggish first couple of miles I brought it home strongly - 7:47, 7:32, 7:10. It was perfect for running. 50Fs, no wind and the drizzle had stopped.

Tue, 9pm - 6 miles: A slow easy paced run. My ankle had been acting up while walking so I was careful. Basically, I've run over 450 miles with these shoes and it's time for new shoes. It was windy but in the 50Fs so not too bad.

Wed, 6pm - 8 miles: Leveraging daylight saving time to run in light. Light drizzle and 50Fs. Quite a few runners out there.

Thur, 9:30pm - 6 miles: Rain, wind, 50Fs and new shoes!

Fri, 7pm - 6 miles: A sunset and the color of dusk. Averaged 7:30 pace...

Sat, 12pm - 8 miles: I had intended to get in a long run but I just didn't have it in me to fight the strong 15-25mph wind. I wasn't enjoying the run. I'll try again tomorrow.

Sun, 1pm - 20.16 miles: Made it today! I waited till it got warm. It was still a little windy but it was sunny for most of it which helped. I ran in shorts and Ts as well as without a drinking bottle. This helped me maintain a good form. All in all, it was a strong run with 7:50 last mile.
Sights of the day:
A plethora of green for St. Patrick's day. The Irish joint opposite my apartment and by the waterfront was rocking abet with a stench of alcohol.
I probably saw the ugliest dog ever. His owner tried to convince me that he was a good dog and did not bite. She asked me if I was afraid of the dog. Well I didn't tell her this but I was afraid I might become a Dracula if such an ugly creature bit me :p
I saw a couple of desis strolling at a grandfatherly pace. I probably passed them three times before I was done. If they moved any slower the wind would have blown them backwards!

Total = 60.16 miles

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New york runs

Mon, 7:45am - 6 miles: Chilly nippy 34F but sunny. In a day full of meetings this was my only chance to get in a run in light. Finished the last mile in 7:24...

Tue, 8:00pm - 6 miles: That smell of rain... I got a Cliff sampler box in the mail for filling a form on the Cliff pace team page.
Moment of the day: Realizing that there was still light outside when I reached home!

Wed, 7:30am - 8 miles: Windy - but waaay better than digging out of a snowstorm in the midwest or the northeast. I ran into the wind for the first half so the second half was quite a bit easier. Usually the direction of the wind is the other way around.

Thur, 7:00pm - 6 miles: Just before I headed to the airport. I had delayed my run for later in the day because of the better forecast. The forecast indeed was accurate. Averaged below 8 min miles with a 7:20 final mile.
Event of the day: My dear neice turns 10. How quickly time passes!

Fri, 4:00pm - 6 miles: In snow-bound Valhalla, NY. It had stopped snowing but the trails/sidewalks were covered with snow. Therefore, I ran laps around the parking lot of the school opposite my sis' house. Quite the mental test. I found it ironical that in school we had to run laps as a punishment and now I was doing it voluntarily in a wind chill of 22F. Of course as luck would have it the weather in Seattle Fri-Sun is sunny and warm. The rain is scheduled to come back on Monday!

Sat, 2pm - 17 miles: A beautiful sunny day with the snow melting away. There were some sections where I had to run on snow. I did not have water with me so I did have a couple of lumps of snow near the stream. After all if the penguins can eat snow why can't I :)

Sun, 9am - 8 miles: Sunny but in the 30s. No wind but ice patches in parts. Quite a few people on the trails. Daylight saving time commences and I lose an hour of sleep.

Total - 57 miles

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Morning has broken...

Morning has broken, like the first morning
Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird
Praise for the singing, praise for the morning
Praise for the springing fresh from the word

Sweet the rain's new fall, sunlit from heaven
Like the first dewfall, on the first grass

Mon, 5:30am - 6 miles: I've been wanting to get in a weekday morning run for quite a while now. I finally got around to it. The overnight rain had stopped but it was still very windy. There was a full moon! The choppy waves were splashing onto the path. The homeless person was sleeping on the bench. Sad. It was quite busy compared to the nights. A sprinkling of cars heading to the harbor, bikers, walkers and runners. I finished to the color of dawn amidst the Seattle skyline...
Event of the day: A free Microsoft orchestra performance. Some talented people work here...

Tue, 7am - 6 miles: A rewarding run in daylight. We also had a guest appearance from a blob of light in the sky which I believe is known as the sun in some parts of the world...
Shock of the day: I got a 14% pay raise. It was quite a shock in a good way and a little out of the ordinary.

Wed, 9pm - 6 miles: It was quite nice outside after the rain stopped.
Sight of the day: A bright helicopter hovering over the Elliott Bay.

Thur, 4:45pm - 6 miles: Got through the long 51st hill without stopping. It's a mental thing to some extent. I could do it all the time before.

Fri, 7:15am - 6 miles: With the days becoming longer there's so much more reason to run in the morning. Rainy and windy.
Sight of the day: It might not been ideal conditions for humans but a flock of about 100 ducks and ducklings were having the time of their life by the waterfront. I guess this is the equivalent of surfing for them.

Sat, 9:45am - 17 miles: 55F, partly sunny... I actually took off my layer to run in Ts.

Sun, 1:00pm - 8 miles: 50F and sunshine all the way. There was no doubt that today was a shorts and T day. Everyone was outside including the retirees and folks with crutches. The ducks weren't too impressed though. I cranked a well under sub 8 run. Splits: 8:30, 8:09, 8:04, 7:51, 7:34, 7:17, 7:15, 6:53
Sight of the day: Opening my eyes to the sun rays and the waterfront backdrop. Thank you subprime crisis!

Total = 55 miles

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