Sunday, February 10, 2013


I chatted with a Lawrence alum over coffee in the morning. We reminisced about the good old days! Many memories I had not talked to anyone about for years!
I was unpacking and found a 15 year old letter from my dad. It's as if he were talking to us today:

He says - "Your Didi (my sis) should be careful while driving. Please see that none of you are having any tension. Relax while you are on the road. Hope you enjoyed your holidays. You are lucky that your Didi was by your side all the while. You must help her as much as possible..."

With today's FB age written letters are almost extinct. How very unfortunate!
Someone sent me a pretty inspiring video called: 23 1/2 hours : What is the single best thing we can do for our health?
I haven't been running much over the last couple of weeks. I hope to get back on track - I am getting out of shape!

1/28 Mon, 8:45pm - 6 miles: Dark, Drizzle
Sight of the day: A couple making out in the romantic ambiance of my running path. To their credit they did not allow a runner thumping the road around them to be a distraction!

2/9 Sat 8:45pm- 6 miles: Running after 12 days. Really need to get more regular. No runs longer than 6 miles till I can get into a cadence.
Sight of the day: A limo decorated for someone's 21st birthday with a handicapped parking tag!

2/10 Sun 7:45pm: There was at least one other person who was out there running at this ungodly hour.


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