Sunday, February 24, 2013

50/7 + Tokyo

Mon 8pm - 6 miles

Tue 1:30pm - 6 miles: Today was one of those gorgeous days with the sun out. I had to sneak out for a mid-day run.
Moment of the day: Seeing the golden light and morning color across the waterfront, downtown and Lake Washington/Union...

Wed 11pm, 6 miles: Good run! I'm glad I made it out. That's the advantage of living next to the waterfront...

Thurs 2:30pm, 6 miles: Mid-work run... Chilly and cloudy.
The sight of the day: An Indian housewifes convention outside an apartment complex. All of them dressed for the Arctic.

Fri 9:30pm, 6 miles: After a couple of hours of tubing. The tubing was relaxing but I made it a point to walk up the slopes rather than take the lift. Ten runs made for quite a workout. It was kind of nippy outside while running. I rehersed an important work presentation for work in my head.
Sight of the day: The beauty of the snow covered evergreen trees as we approached the ski slope, amidst the snow falling. That's what is great about Seattle - we are about 45 minutes away from snow or the ocean if we crave it.

Sat 1:30pm - 14 miles: What a gorgeous day! Sunny 51F... On days like this running is effortless.

Sun 12:00pm - 6 miles: Windy and cloudy. Makes you appreciate a day like yesterday. At the same time you're thankful that you aren't being snowed out in the Northeast. The endorphins well and truly kicked in after the run - I was on a high for at least two hours after.
The sight of the day: An interesting graffiti under a bridge in Belltown.

Total = 50 miles
I just learnt that the Tokyo marathon is going to be part of the World Marathon majors and ... you can get a certificate if you finish all 6. So does that mean travelling to Tokyo is in my future :)
WMM Six Star Finisher  


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