Sunday, February 24, 2013

50/7 + Tokyo

Mon 8pm - 6 miles

Tue 1:30pm - 6 miles: Today was one of those gorgeous days with the sun out. I had to sneak out for a mid-day run.
Moment of the day: Seeing the golden light and morning color across the waterfront, downtown and Lake Washington/Union...

Wed 11pm, 6 miles: Good run! I'm glad I made it out. That's the advantage of living next to the waterfront...

Thurs 2:30pm, 6 miles: Mid-work run... Chilly and cloudy.
The sight of the day: An Indian housewifes convention outside an apartment complex. All of them dressed for the Arctic.

Fri 9:30pm, 6 miles: After a couple of hours of tubing. The tubing was relaxing but I made it a point to walk up the slopes rather than take the lift. Ten runs made for quite a workout. It was kind of nippy outside while running. I rehersed an important work presentation for work in my head.
Sight of the day: The beauty of the snow covered evergreen trees as we approached the ski slope, amidst the snow falling. That's what is great about Seattle - we are about 45 minutes away from snow or the ocean if we crave it.

Sat 1:30pm - 14 miles: What a gorgeous day! Sunny 51F... On days like this running is effortless.

Sun 12:00pm - 6 miles: Windy and cloudy. Makes you appreciate a day like yesterday. At the same time you're thankful that you aren't being snowed out in the Northeast. The endorphins well and truly kicked in after the run - I was on a high for at least two hours after.
The sight of the day: An interesting graffiti under a bridge in Belltown.

Total = 50 miles
I just learnt that the Tokyo marathon is going to be part of the World Marathon majors and ... you can get a certificate if you finish all 6. So does that mean travelling to Tokyo is in my future :)
WMM Six Star Finisher  

Sunday, February 17, 2013

You have to keep moving forward!

Mon, 10pm - 6 miles: Was a great night for running and generally felt good with my form. However, my stomach wasn't too happy if you know what I mean... That bowl of cereal right before heading out...
Quote of the day: â€œIf you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Tue, 1pm - 6 miles: Snuck out for a lunch time run amidst the drizzle. Pretty similar to yesterday's run modulo the stomach woes. I did have a bowl of cereal before heading out though :p I did struggle a bit on the hills - I guess I've been running on flat terrain for a bit.

Wed, 10:30pm - 6 miles: Nice weather, nice run! An oddity when I ran into a weirdo who must have been high. He says - "Runner, you love your life so much that you must run to extend it. Whatever :)
Sight of the day: A dog chasing a flickering yo-yo with his owner.

Thurs, 11pm - 6 miles: Even though I returned home late I had promised myself I would run every day this week so I did. The great weather continues. I noticed two females out there running which is very rare for this late in the night. I saw a homeless man sleeping on a bench near pier 93 for the first time in two years. There were quite a few V-day couples at the start of the trail by the waterfront...
Moment of the day: Watching Al Gore talk from close-up!!

Fri, 10pm - 6miles

Sun, 12pm - 12 miles: Rain, sun and rain with the sun... It was nice to be running at a time when there were human beings on the trail. I didn't want to run more than 6 miles this week but I missed a run yesterday.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I chatted with a Lawrence alum over coffee in the morning. We reminisced about the good old days! Many memories I had not talked to anyone about for years!
I was unpacking and found a 15 year old letter from my dad. It's as if he were talking to us today:

He says - "Your Didi (my sis) should be careful while driving. Please see that none of you are having any tension. Relax while you are on the road. Hope you enjoyed your holidays. You are lucky that your Didi was by your side all the while. You must help her as much as possible..."

With today's FB age written letters are almost extinct. How very unfortunate!
Someone sent me a pretty inspiring video called: 23 1/2 hours : What is the single best thing we can do for our health?
I haven't been running much over the last couple of weeks. I hope to get back on track - I am getting out of shape!

1/28 Mon, 8:45pm - 6 miles: Dark, Drizzle
Sight of the day: A couple making out in the romantic ambiance of my running path. To their credit they did not allow a runner thumping the road around them to be a distraction!

2/9 Sat 8:45pm- 6 miles: Running after 12 days. Really need to get more regular. No runs longer than 6 miles till I can get into a cadence.
Sight of the day: A limo decorated for someone's 21st birthday with a handicapped parking tag!

2/10 Sun 7:45pm: There was at least one other person who was out there running at this ungodly hour.

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