Sunday, January 13, 2013

Running at the happiest place in the world

I didn't run all week except on the weekend. That at the happiest place in the world - The Goofy challenge: 13.1 miles on Saturday (1:42:35), 26.2 (3:48:15) miles on Sunday. Given the paucity runs in the last couple of months, my quads were pretty sore after the half and toast towards the latter miles of the marathon. I loved running through the Magic Kingdom - magical indeed. I stopped for pictures at every photo-op throughout the course. After all I can run a fast marathon some other time but I'll never experience the Disney marathon magic again in my life!! There is a kid in all of us :)

I remember going to Disney as a kid with my mom and dad. It's been a long time since. Marathon #26, State #16.

Total = 39.3 miles


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