Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trying to get into a cadence...

Mon, 9:15pm - 6 miles: 32F chilly but felt good. My first run along the waterfront in over a month. The running path is now completely open. My quads have recovered.
Smell of the day:I could smell a group of four smoking pot from quite a distance. Way to go Washington state and legal pot!!

Wed, 9:30pm - 6 miles: Salsa then running. Relatively warm - 44F. However, windy.

Sat, 4:30pm - 6 miles: I was procrastinating getting in my run. Then I saw a ray of sunlight peaking into my apt. I glanced out of my balcony to see a majestic sun set over the water. I headed out for my run STAT. I can't wait for summer and seeing the sun set from my apt everyday! It was a peppy run at sub-8 pace...

Sun, 2pm - 15.22: A strong chilly head wind along the waterfront with a drizzle.
Sight of the day: A homeless man with a Starbucks Grande. This is Seattle where no one compromises on their coffee!

Total: 33.22

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Wed - 3:30pm, 6 miles: Seeing the sun out made me venture out. My quads made it be known that it still had not recovered from the 40 miles during the weekend!!

I hope to commence running next week... Better being safe than sorry :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Running at the happiest place in the world

I didn't run all week except on the weekend. That at the happiest place in the world - The Goofy challenge: 13.1 miles on Saturday (1:42:35), 26.2 (3:48:15) miles on Sunday. Given the paucity runs in the last couple of months, my quads were pretty sore after the half and toast towards the latter miles of the marathon. I loved running through the Magic Kingdom - magical indeed. I stopped for pictures at every photo-op throughout the course. After all I can run a fast marathon some other time but I'll never experience the Disney marathon magic again in my life!! There is a kid in all of us :)

I remember going to Disney as a kid with my mom and dad. It's been a long time since. Marathon #26, State #16.

Total = 39.3 miles

Friday, January 04, 2013

A new year - 2013

During my vacation I saw runners in Venice, Rome, Barcelona and Madrid. People from different cultures and speaking different languages. Yet they were all so similar and I could relate to what they were doing - running transcends barriers!

As nice as all the places I visited were, I was sooo happy to be back home. During my commute to work on the first work day of the year, I admired the beauty as the sun rose over the mountains and lakes. I reflected on how after all these years I am still amazed by the natural beauty in the Seattle area. I love Seattle!!

Thur- 2:30pm, 6 miles: My first run of the year and after a travel break of over 2 weeks. The sun was out so I made sure I fit in a run in-between meetings. It was a good run over all but I slipped on some black ice. The fall did hurt!

Fri - 3:30pm, 6 miles: Running into dusk...

Total = 12 miles

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