Sunday, December 16, 2012

Last full week of running in 2012...

Closed out my last full week of running in 2012 with a 50 mile week - satisfactory...

Mon, 8:30pm, 6 miles: No classes - fall quarter is done with. MBA is 7/9th done! I remember thinking -"Only 6 miles to do today." That is a good sign. There was a train stuck at the crossing so I jumped the rails. I made it just in time since another train was coming along. Was a solid run. My fastest this season!

Tue, 7:30pm, 6 miles: Just before dance class. Saw a lonely heron in the dark by the waterfront.

Wed - 6 miles

Sat, 5pm - 17 miles: Cold, dark and windy. It took quite a bit of motivation to head out of the door. At least it stopped raining. I really need to run earlier. The sight of the day was a plane making it's decent with the Seattle skyline as a backdrop. A Chinese dude asked me if the quail fishing spot was up ahead. I told him I often see people fishing there - must be the quail :p

Sun, 1pm - 15 miles: Light but rain and wind... Inspite of the rain it was easier than yesterday's run. Being able to see your surroundings helps mentally. I passed a babe I had gone on 3-4 dates with walking along the waterfront with a South Indian guy with a heavy accent and talking about something boring. I was amused...

Total = 50 miles


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