Sunday, December 02, 2012

Cold, rainy, dark and windy = Winter in Seattle

Tue - 10:30pm, 6 miles: I am pretty happy that I was motivated enough to go out there and get in this run so late... I had a dance lesson and couldn't get out earlier. What helped was that it was warmer than NY (40s and less windy) and it was dry. It was a full moon night. The Elliott bay trail i pretty well lighted none-the less. There was one more crazy person getting in a run at 11pm. I remember noticing that the homeless man who used to sleep on a bench a couple of years back is no longer there - hope he has found a better place. There are quite a few people who fish at this time of the night - I wonder why? I think I'll have the motivation to run in the night now in a rainy day. I just needed a start!!

Thur - 9pm, 6 miles: Apart from a few minutes of running through a drizzle, quite perfect weather for running. A couple of people walking their dogs. I quite like the light from the new buildings along the trail, illuminating the path.

Sat - 3:30pm, 12 miles: After going upto the Elliott bay marine I went all the way upto the Pier 46 on the other end... The holiday lights are coming up.

Sun - 12pm, 10 miles: Rain and very windy. I Thought I saw the sun from my balcony - I must have been hallucinating. As the rain and wind was pounding down I saw the fattest sea gull I've ever seen - gosh the obesity epedemic in America is spreading to the gulls too!!

Total = 34 miles


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