Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Closing out 2012 ...

12/18 Mon 9pm, 6 miles: Cold and dark. Wind damage along the shores of the waterfront trail. I could not see the damage in the dark but a lot of it was cordoned off. This story almost made me tear up, especially the last paragraph - http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/school-neighbor-gave-refuge-to-6-children-who-ran-from-school-after-their-teacher-was-shot/2012/12/17/c424aa50-488b-11e2-8af9-9b50cb4605a7_story.html

"A couple of hours after the last child left, a knock came on his door. It was a frantic mother who had heard that some children had taken refuge there. She was looking for her little boy.
“Her face looked frozen in terror,” Rosen said, breaking down in tears.
“She thought maybe a miracle from God would have the child at my house,” he said. Later, “I looked at the casualty list ... and his name was on it.”

12/19 Tue 9:30pm, 6 miles: My last run of the year. I had considered getting in a few runs in Europe but decided that it was not worth the logistical hassle. Today's run was a solid run. The key was my form. Not that it was not windy. I think what helped was the amount of walking I did during the day. It would have helped loosen my muscles. Perhaps I need to try to get in a mid work day run from now on...

Total = 12 miles


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