Sunday, December 09, 2012

And here is December...

Mon 10:30pm, 6 miles: After a full day of work and 4.5 hours of classes perhaps I might have been more inclined to skip my run. However, having consumed 6 cookies this evening did give me the motivation to head out

Tue 9pm, 6 miles: After dance class. Windy and dark. A no moon day.

Sat 2:30pm, 17 miles: The little things we're thankful for while running in winter - running in light, seeing a glimpse of the sun abet for a few minutes and seeing people on the trail. I actually saw 3 different photo shoots at different locations along the waterfront. The holiday decorations are on the boat on the marina.

Sun 3pm, 13 miles: Running with gloves seemed to help my form. I saw someone running with glowing orange shoes. There is no way a car would hit him. He was visible from way up front!

Total = 42 miles


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