Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Closing out 2012 ...

12/18 Mon 9pm, 6 miles: Cold and dark. Wind damage along the shores of the waterfront trail. I could not see the damage in the dark but a lot of it was cordoned off. This story almost made me tear up, especially the last paragraph - http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/school-neighbor-gave-refuge-to-6-children-who-ran-from-school-after-their-teacher-was-shot/2012/12/17/c424aa50-488b-11e2-8af9-9b50cb4605a7_story.html

"A couple of hours after the last child left, a knock came on his door. It was a frantic mother who had heard that some children had taken refuge there. She was looking for her little boy.
“Her face looked frozen in terror,” Rosen said, breaking down in tears.
“She thought maybe a miracle from God would have the child at my house,” he said. Later, “I looked at the casualty list ... and his name was on it.”

12/19 Tue 9:30pm, 6 miles: My last run of the year. I had considered getting in a few runs in Europe but decided that it was not worth the logistical hassle. Today's run was a solid run. The key was my form. Not that it was not windy. I think what helped was the amount of walking I did during the day. It would have helped loosen my muscles. Perhaps I need to try to get in a mid work day run from now on...

Total = 12 miles

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Last full week of running in 2012...

Closed out my last full week of running in 2012 with a 50 mile week - satisfactory...

Mon, 8:30pm, 6 miles: No classes - fall quarter is done with. MBA is 7/9th done! I remember thinking -"Only 6 miles to do today." That is a good sign. There was a train stuck at the crossing so I jumped the rails. I made it just in time since another train was coming along. Was a solid run. My fastest this season!

Tue, 7:30pm, 6 miles: Just before dance class. Saw a lonely heron in the dark by the waterfront.

Wed - 6 miles

Sat, 5pm - 17 miles: Cold, dark and windy. It took quite a bit of motivation to head out of the door. At least it stopped raining. I really need to run earlier. The sight of the day was a plane making it's decent with the Seattle skyline as a backdrop. A Chinese dude asked me if the quail fishing spot was up ahead. I told him I often see people fishing there - must be the quail :p

Sun, 1pm - 15 miles: Light but rain and wind... Inspite of the rain it was easier than yesterday's run. Being able to see your surroundings helps mentally. I passed a babe I had gone on 3-4 dates with walking along the waterfront with a South Indian guy with a heavy accent and talking about something boring. I was amused...

Total = 50 miles

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What's behind career achievers' love of marathons?

Whether it's ambition or addiction, professionally successful types have taken to endurance sports in a very big way in recent years.

In 2006, Mary Wittenberg, CEO of New York Road Runners (which stages the ING New York City Marathon) told the New York Times that her average runner's household income was $130,000. USA Triathlon says the average triathlete's household income is $126,000.

Professionally successful sorts "have got great habits that fit an endurance framework,"

People who are successful in business often know how to set big goals and break them down into doable steps.


Sunday, December 09, 2012

And here is December...

Mon 10:30pm, 6 miles: After a full day of work and 4.5 hours of classes perhaps I might have been more inclined to skip my run. However, having consumed 6 cookies this evening did give me the motivation to head out

Tue 9pm, 6 miles: After dance class. Windy and dark. A no moon day.

Sat 2:30pm, 17 miles: The little things we're thankful for while running in winter - running in light, seeing a glimpse of the sun abet for a few minutes and seeing people on the trail. I actually saw 3 different photo shoots at different locations along the waterfront. The holiday decorations are on the boat on the marina.

Sun 3pm, 13 miles: Running with gloves seemed to help my form. I saw someone running with glowing orange shoes. There is no way a car would hit him. He was visible from way up front!

Total = 42 miles

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Cold, rainy, dark and windy = Winter in Seattle

Tue - 10:30pm, 6 miles: I am pretty happy that I was motivated enough to go out there and get in this run so late... I had a dance lesson and couldn't get out earlier. What helped was that it was warmer than NY (40s and less windy) and it was dry. It was a full moon night. The Elliott bay trail i pretty well lighted none-the less. There was one more crazy person getting in a run at 11pm. I remember noticing that the homeless man who used to sleep on a bench a couple of years back is no longer there - hope he has found a better place. There are quite a few people who fish at this time of the night - I wonder why? I think I'll have the motivation to run in the night now in a rainy day. I just needed a start!!

Thur - 9pm, 6 miles: Apart from a few minutes of running through a drizzle, quite perfect weather for running. A couple of people walking their dogs. I quite like the light from the new buildings along the trail, illuminating the path.

Sat - 3:30pm, 12 miles: After going upto the Elliott bay marine I went all the way upto the Pier 46 on the other end... The holiday lights are coming up.

Sun - 12pm, 10 miles: Rain and very windy. I Thought I saw the sun from my balcony - I must have been hallucinating. As the rain and wind was pounding down I saw the fattest sea gull I've ever seen - gosh the obesity epedemic in America is spreading to the gulls too!!

Total = 34 miles

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