Sunday, September 23, 2012

And it is Fall...

Mon - 12 miles: I had accidently gotten my old running shoes without orthotics. It sure was risk running in them but I tried to run on grass to mitigate the impact. About a third of the run was in darkness.
Observation: For the second day in a row I passed someone on their bike. If it were me on the bike, I would never let that happen. No matter what. My ego would be bruised :p

Tue - 6 miles: On a cool, sunny morning. I sure am liking this extended summer. Crisp sunrises and sunsets!

Wed - 6 miles: A 3:30pm run. The rewards of a run when the sun is out is multiple times that of running in the dark!

Fri - 6 miles: On a cloudy afternoon, welcoming fall in Seattle!

Sat - 20 miles: Starting at 1pm. The first day of fall was a beauty to run in. Cool with sunny breaks!

Sun - 6 miles: I was a tad too sore to enjoy yet another great day...

Total = 56 miles


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