Monday, September 17, 2012

After 2 weeks of ...

Mon - 6 miles: After taking a break of 2 weeks! The days sure are getting shorter - I finished in the dark.

Wed - 6 miles: One of my fastest runs in a while. Not that that counts for much... I was significantly faster just a year ago.

Thur - 6 miles: Easy paced run in pitch darkness... I started at 8:15pm from the ProClub and headed out to the Lake Sammamish trail.

Fri - 6.5 miles: After all these runs in the dark, it was great to run in bright sunshine! I snuck out at lunch time to get in a run. Felt great!

Sat - 6 miles: On the Bridle trails. Had intended to get in a long run before I decided that I did not need to suffer on these hills and the heartburn from the dumplings I had for lunch was not fun!

Total: 30.5 miles


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