Sunday, August 26, 2012

Relishing summer!

Wed - 6 miles: Slow run on the Bridle trails. Finishing in the dark. Still a little sore.

Thur - 6 miles: Faster on Lake Sammamish trail. Again finishing in the dark.

Sat - Hidden Lake Lookout hike, 9 miles RT, 3290ft elevation gain:

The WTA report isn't too far off when it describes this as "One of the finest hikes on the face of the planet, the trail to Hidden Lake Peaks grants continuous sensory overload".

I am thankful that I get to live in one of the most beautiful parts of this planet and am in good enough shape to explore it. Today was a day to die for and perfect for hiking. Couldn't be better!

Sun - 17 miles: I slept in and started running at 11am. Thankfully, I did not have to go through what I experienced a couple of weeks back. It was a gorgeous, cool (70Fs), sunny summer day. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

"America's ultimate challenge" conquered!!!

Tue - 30 min elliptical
Wed - 20 min elliptical
Sun - Pikes Peak marathon - Marathon #24: I am very satisfied to have finished this one. It's definitely a fitness challenge, more so for a flat lander. A maximum altitude of 14115ft, 8000ft of elevation gain, 26.2 miles. Good job me :) Now onto seeing what can be salvaged for the milestone #25...

As the Pikes Peak marathon website puts it:

A Journey to the Top and Back

Pikes Peak Marathon® will redefine what you call running. Sure, they start out like a lot of races on Any Street, USA. But your first left turn will have you turning in the direction of up! During the next 10 miles, as you gain almost 6,000 vertical feet, your legs, lungs, heart and mind will be worn to a ragged nothingness. But it won’t be until the next three miles, with still over 2,000' of vertical to go, that you will realize where the Marathon got its moniker—America’s Ultimate Challenge.
There’s a reason trees don’t bother growing above 12,000' on Pikes Peak. They can’t! Makes one wonder if trees are smarter than runners. Above treeline most runners take 30 minutes or more, some much more, just to cover a mile. What little air remains can’t satisfy the endless stream of zombies hoping only to survive their next step. It’s a death march right out of a scene from Dawn of the Dead. Adding insult to injury it might start to snow!  It’s at this point if you are on the deluxe tour you must turn around and run back down the mountain for the second half of the Marathon. Along the way protruding rocks and roots are waiting to send you crashing to the ground mangling flesh and only temporarily masking the pain of blood filled blisters. Meanwhile, the temperature has often risen by more than 30 degrees since the start of the race. After all, it’s always best to cook raw meat.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fun Runners Hit the Road in Crisis-Struck Europe
As budgets tighten and working lives get more stressful, running is experiencing a boom as people hit the parks and streets of their cities to escape from it all and keep themselves healthy for just the cost of a pair of sneakers.

We're built to run and if we don't do it, we're going to have a very big health problem. Running is easy, it's relatively cheap," he told Reuters.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Climb, climb, climb!

Tue - TM - 3.64 miles, 1 hour, 2900 ft, 16% incline

Wed - TM - 3.79 miles, 1 hour, 3190 ft, 16% incline

Thur - TM - 3.71 miles, 1 hour, 3130 ft, 16% incline

Fri - TM - 3.87 miles, 1 hour, 3270 ft, 16% incline.

Sat - Mailbox peak - 6 miles, w/ 4000ft elevation gain in 2.5 miles: This is considered to be arguably the toughest hike in the region. Found it reasonably OK but one of my co-desi hikers had to be rescued by King county Search and Rescue... That is a story for another day. Don't do this hike if you aren't in shape :p

Sun - Skyline trail - 5.5 miles w/1700 ft incline, peak elevation of 7100ft: Perhaps one of the more beautiful hikes in the area...

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Solitary run in the sun!

Just a single long 17 mile run this week. I paid the price for sleeping in and it was rough. I finished the run in 89F heat and it was not pretty!  I ran shirtless for first time in years and it was the smartest thing I did. Who cared about my out-of-shape stomach. It was about surviving!! The sight of the day was a Bald eagle swooping into the Sammamish river and emerging with a salmon. I also wondered how a Chinese lady managed to survive on her bike with a winter jacket on :p

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