Sunday, July 15, 2012

Trying to get back to it...

Tue - 6 miles: Finally got around to getting in a run. Kind of hard getting back into the routine after such a long break in... I wish I had gotten in runs in Prague, Krakow, Budapest and Stockholm. Those would have been awesome runs but it just did not happen.

Wed - 6 miles

Thurs - 6 miles: My calf was incredibly tight at the start of my run ... Maybe I need to get new shoes. I'm sure these ones have close to 500 odd miles now.

Sight of the day: I don't know if I was delirious in the heat but in the distance I beheld what looks like an angel running towards me. A most attractive creature... Quite the sight. Thank you summer and running.

Sun - 4 miles: I've been pretty sick the last couple of days. My body finally gave in to the temperature fluctuations - 100F+ in Budapest to the 40Fs now in Seattle. I tried to get in a long run today but just did not have the ability to do it.

Total = 22 miles


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