Sunday, July 01, 2012

Amsterdam on the run!

Tue - Approx 7 miles (1 hour)
5am, Up to Van coultard park. I'm just mesmerized at how effortlessly the locals bike to work. They wear their suits, dresses and normal clothes. I'm yet to see a fat local here.

Wed - Approx 7 (Approx 1 hour)
On a cloudy Amsterdam day, 6:30am. Run up to and by the Amstel canal past the Magere Brug

Thu - Approx 8 miles (Approx 1 hour 10 min)
Decided to run yesterday's route again. With the sun out Amsterdam looked spectacular!
Fri - Approx 7 miles (Approx 1 hour)
Ran all the way to the Central station and back. Before my big presentation...

I had wanted to run in Prague as well. Between the heat and everything else it just didn't happen... Oh well :)


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