Sunday, July 22, 2012

7/22 = 29 :)

Tue - 6.15 - Still not 100% recovered. New shoes made running feel a lot better so once again I need to remember not to be stingy and suffer while running
Sight of the day: Another beautiful sunset. We've been having some amazing ones in the last few days. I have to say Seattle has some of the most beautiful sunset skies I've ever seen. At this point I'd say I'm pretty well travelled!!
Sat - 17 - Didn't get around to running much after Tuesday. I think this run was a bit of an overkill given that is was my first long run in a while. It was 74F and sunny for the run. My quads were hurting quite a bit once I finished... It settled down after around 30 mins...

Sun - 6 - Slow recovery run

Total = 29


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