Sunday, June 03, 2012

San Francisco on the run

Mon - 14 miles: After the movers left I figured I'd try to see if I could get in a run. I was not optimistic given that I had hardly slept last night and was so drained with packing. After about 5 minutes I realized that this would be one of those runs where running just felt effortless! I had to make the most of the day - can't take it for granted!! I rewarded myself with a large milkshake at the end of the run.
Sight of the day: Seeing the maiden voyage of the Disney Alaska cruise from Seattle take off. For sometime I was running with the ship against the beautiful backdrop of the mountains and the Pacific. The happiest place in the world :)
Tue - 6 miles: Evening run. A bit sore after yesterday's run...
Wed - 6 miles: An early 5:45am run, followed by handing in the keys to my apt.
Sight of the day: A bunch of Canadian Goose chick-lets sleeping huddled next to their mom...

Thur - 6 miles (49:20): Treadmill, 7am

Fri - 6 miles: Happy birthday to me! An amazing run on a perfect San Francisco day by the waterfront!
Moment of the day: The Golden Gate bridge gleaming in the distance.

Sat - 18 miles: Surely, a run I'll remember for a while. Started at the ferry terminal, past the mansions, Golden gate park, the Golden gate bridge and on for a bit more. My longest run in almost a year.
Moment of the day: Running across the foggy Golden Gate bridge with the sun filtering in.
Sun - 6 miles: Early 6am start
Moment of the day: The pristine desolate Fisherman's Wharf devoid of the zoo of tourists!
Total = 62 miles  


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