Sunday, June 10, 2012

Eastside miles

Mon - 6 miles: Run in my new temporary abode - the Bridle trails. Very quiet indeed.
Tue - 6 miles (52:40) 945 feet elevation gain, 3% incline: Beginning of some hill work for Pike's peak.

Wed - 6 miles (48:03): Early morning on the treadmill.
Thurs - 6 miles: Snuck out of work at 4:30pm, amidst the one sunny break on a rainy day. From work to the Sammamish trail and back.

Fri - 6 miles:  After work, 6pm as the sun came out after the rains. Quite a peppy run with my pace going sub-8 for the majority of the run. The 51st street hill is getting a little more doable...
Sat - 20 miles: Attritional run on the Bridal trails and Lake Sammamish trail. A lot of hills. Tough run. I set out intending to run 17 and then cheated myself into running 3 more miles...

Sun - 6 miles, 14 * 50ft laps swim: A lazy sunny afternoon recovery run

Total = 56 miles


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