Saturday, June 23, 2012

A solitary run in Berlin!

I just got in one run this week, a solitary 7.5 mile run. However, that was a run to remember. It was in Berlin at dawn … 5am. It was quite surreal. The city was pretty deserted, as the sun rose. All the touristy sites like the Brandenburg Gate etc. were empty for my private viewing. The reflection of buildings illuminated by the golden light on the Spree river. The sound of my footsteps as I ran by streets... It was so peaceful. I had my camera with me but that wouldn't have been able to capture how spiritual it felt. I missed out on running through the Brandenburg Gate at the marathon last year. Did so today. I will be back - Berlin marathon 2013 - fingers crossed!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Listless June week...

Mon - 6.5 miles run, 2 miles (TM, 13%, 30:20), 14*50m swim: Evening after work.
Tue - 6 miles: Yup, did pay for yesterday's exuberance. Very slow run after work.
Wed - 6 miles
Thu - rest
Fri - 6 miles
Total = 24 miles

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Eastside miles

Mon - 6 miles: Run in my new temporary abode - the Bridle trails. Very quiet indeed.
Tue - 6 miles (52:40) 945 feet elevation gain, 3% incline: Beginning of some hill work for Pike's peak.

Wed - 6 miles (48:03): Early morning on the treadmill.
Thurs - 6 miles: Snuck out of work at 4:30pm, amidst the one sunny break on a rainy day. From work to the Sammamish trail and back.

Fri - 6 miles:  After work, 6pm as the sun came out after the rains. Quite a peppy run with my pace going sub-8 for the majority of the run. The 51st street hill is getting a little more doable...
Sat - 20 miles: Attritional run on the Bridal trails and Lake Sammamish trail. A lot of hills. Tough run. I set out intending to run 17 and then cheated myself into running 3 more miles...

Sun - 6 miles, 14 * 50ft laps swim: A lazy sunny afternoon recovery run

Total = 56 miles

Sunday, June 03, 2012

San Francisco on the run

Mon - 14 miles: After the movers left I figured I'd try to see if I could get in a run. I was not optimistic given that I had hardly slept last night and was so drained with packing. After about 5 minutes I realized that this would be one of those runs where running just felt effortless! I had to make the most of the day - can't take it for granted!! I rewarded myself with a large milkshake at the end of the run.
Sight of the day: Seeing the maiden voyage of the Disney Alaska cruise from Seattle take off. For sometime I was running with the ship against the beautiful backdrop of the mountains and the Pacific. The happiest place in the world :)
Tue - 6 miles: Evening run. A bit sore after yesterday's run...
Wed - 6 miles: An early 5:45am run, followed by handing in the keys to my apt.
Sight of the day: A bunch of Canadian Goose chick-lets sleeping huddled next to their mom...

Thur - 6 miles (49:20): Treadmill, 7am

Fri - 6 miles: Happy birthday to me! An amazing run on a perfect San Francisco day by the waterfront!
Moment of the day: The Golden Gate bridge gleaming in the distance.

Sat - 18 miles: Surely, a run I'll remember for a while. Started at the ferry terminal, past the mansions, Golden gate park, the Golden gate bridge and on for a bit more. My longest run in almost a year.
Moment of the day: Running across the foggy Golden Gate bridge with the sun filtering in.
Sun - 6 miles: Early 6am start
Moment of the day: The pristine desolate Fisherman's Wharf devoid of the zoo of tourists!
Total = 62 miles  

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