Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bidding farewell to 801 Pine St, Apt 4C :(

The 29th is my last day this apt. Some great memories over the last three years. I sure will miss seeing the Paramount theatre from my balconies!
A truncated week. Even though I got movers, packing totally consumed me. It's amazing how much stuff you can collect in just 3 years
Tue - 6 miles: Strong early morning run
Sight of the day: A backup of cars waiting for a line of Canadian Geese to cross the road. To their credit, the geese were using the crosswalk!

Wed - 6 miles: Night run. Kind of crappy with a lot of stops... Finished at 10:30pm

Total - 12 miles

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Mon - 6 miles (48:50) - On the Treadmill early morning, 30 min elliptical
Moment of the day: Seeing the reflection of the sun-rise on Lake Washington, amidst a golden Mt. Rainier. How I love Seattle!

Tue - 6 miles - 7am, On a foggy sunny morning. The container ships on the waterfront... Perfect weather.
Wed - 6 miles (48:20) - On the Treadmill early morning, 30 min elliptical
Thoughts for the day: My uncle who passed away yesterday. RIP.

Fri - 6 miles - Peaceful through dusk. Noticed the "Seattle wheel" being put up along the waterfront.
Sat - 10 miles - My longest run in a while, on an awesome sunny cool Saturday morning.

Sun - 6 miles (48:55) - On the Treadmill in the apt. It was raining outside and I was not appropriately dressed

Total = 40 miles

Sunday, May 13, 2012

On the TM..

Mon - 6 miles on the TM bright and early
Funny event: I was in the midst of my run enjoying my world... Suddenly, I see an ex get onto the TM right in front on mine. I was baffled. There were so many free TMs all over the place so it could not really be a coincidence. What was she trying to show. That she could run now??  Strange.
Wed - 6 miles (48:30) -  5:45 am on the TM

Sat - 6 miles (50:40) - 10pm on the TM

Sun - 6 miles - Early morning. The Alaska cruisers are here - summer...
+ 35 min elliptical + weights

Total = 24 miles

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Goal weight + 22

Mon- 6 miles: Sunny on lake Sammamish after work.
Wed - 6 miles (49:30): bright and early on the treadmill at 5:45am.
Fri - 2 miles: My arch and shins were hurting and the weather was horrid so I called it a day...
Sat - 6 miles: Sunny and nice :) A couple taking wedding photos along the waterfront, a model taking pics for Starbucks by the waterfront. The sun makes a difference.
Sun - 6 miles: Another amazing day for an afternoon run...

Total = 26 miles
* 22 pounds over goal weight...

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