Sunday, April 29, 2012

London marathon lottery - take 2

So I submitted my entry for the London marathon for a second year in a row. I know I could get an entry through marathon tours by paying them $$$. I think I will do that after 10 rejections on the lottery ;)


This post has been a "draft" for quite a while now. I decided to reset i.e. not ramp up too fast. Also, my mom was visiting so I figured I might as well tradeoff time running for spending time with her.

Fri - 6 miles - 4:00pm
Sat - 6 miles - 5:30pm
Sun - elliptical 35 minutes -3.4 miles, 12 incline
4/7 - 2 miles, 10am - Running after 3 weeks. An absolutely beautiful sunny spring day.
4/20 - 1 mile - at the PT in ProClub.
4/23 - 3 miles outside, 2.31 (20 min) miles on the TM: Ran first thing in the morning after getting to work on a gorgous day!
4/26 - 1 mile on the TM at a fast clip
4/27 - 5 miles outside during lunch. Beautiful day for struggling up the 51st street hill.
4/28 - 6 miles on a sunny Saturday morning along the waterfront
Sight of the day: 3 sea lions decided to regale us to a song by the waterfront. Memories of the Galapagos Sea Lions!! Good times ...

4/29 - 6 miles: Overcast, cloudy and perfect for running. It's been a long time since I got in a couple of miles in the sub-8s (7:50, 7:35)

Sight of the day:
An elderly lady without a leg taking in the waterfront on crutches. She could have well been on a wheelchair but she was embracing life!

Yesterday's sea lions were back. There is a salmon pen in the area and they are complaining that they cannot get any of the fish!

Total for the week: 21 miles 

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