Sunday, March 04, 2012

On the comeback trail...

Sun, 7 miles
I saw it all during this run - rain, snow, sun, wind. I was asked to volunteer as a run leader for the Asha marathon training kickoff. This event was supposed to motivate newbies. I ended up being motivated myself, pining to get back to prime shape.

Mon, 6 miles, 6:45am
I was super determined to get up and get in a run. Do or die! I was treated to the sight of the golden mountains, the mountains lighted up by the first rays of sunlight.

Wed 6 miles, 6:45am
On a windy day in the freezing rain

40 * 25 yards swimming

Fri - 6 miles, 4pm
It was a long week at work. I decided I was done and headed out for a run in the rain. I've wanted to go to a Zumba class for years. Finally did after my run. I discovered that there are free Zumba classes at the ProClub on Fridays. Maybe I need to make this a weekly thing.

Sat - 14, 8:30am
I noticed the snow capped mountains covered partially by fog. I was bemused by a runner who was having her dog carry her water bottle for her. I will confess that this run was not easy but I did run at a respectable clip finishing in under 2 hours.

Sun - 6, 9:45am
A little tight to start off - 14 I just is something I am not used to running these days... I saw a Canadian warship docked by the harbor.

Total = 38 miles


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