Thursday, March 15, 2012

My biggest challenge

I signed up for the Pike's Peak marathon on August 19th, today. This will almost certainly be the toughest thing I've ever attempted to do. Conquering the altitude and elevation gain. Will I make it?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Short week

Didn't get any activity in the first four days of the week. Early morning presentations, meetings and the last week of classes.

Fri, 4pm, 6 miles - Got out of work and got in a run in the rain and then made it for another Zumba class

Sat, 2pm, 6 miles - More rain

Sun, 5:15pm, 14 miles - First day of daylight savings time so I got to run in the light for the most part. Quite tough conditions tough. Cold, very windy and a rain for parts.

Total = 26 miles

Sunday, March 04, 2012

On the comeback trail...

Sun, 7 miles
I saw it all during this run - rain, snow, sun, wind. I was asked to volunteer as a run leader for the Asha marathon training kickoff. This event was supposed to motivate newbies. I ended up being motivated myself, pining to get back to prime shape.

Mon, 6 miles, 6:45am
I was super determined to get up and get in a run. Do or die! I was treated to the sight of the golden mountains, the mountains lighted up by the first rays of sunlight.

Wed 6 miles, 6:45am
On a windy day in the freezing rain

40 * 25 yards swimming

Fri - 6 miles, 4pm
It was a long week at work. I decided I was done and headed out for a run in the rain. I've wanted to go to a Zumba class for years. Finally did after my run. I discovered that there are free Zumba classes at the ProClub on Fridays. Maybe I need to make this a weekly thing.

Sat - 14, 8:30am
I noticed the snow capped mountains covered partially by fog. I was bemused by a runner who was having her dog carry her water bottle for her. I will confess that this run was not easy but I did run at a respectable clip finishing in under 2 hours.

Sun - 6, 9:45am
A little tight to start off - 14 I just is something I am not used to running these days... I saw a Canadian warship docked by the harbor.

Total = 38 miles

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