Sunday, November 27, 2011


Fri - I've been avoiding looking at the weighing scale since my last run 9 weeks back. I finally did today after seeing the first pics of myself in quite a bit :p Yup, 9 pounds over goal weight. Not a disaster but time to get into some sort of fitness routine and nip things in the bud... Tomorrow will be the day to start! I am thinking cross-trainer and weights. Swimming once I get my Pro-Club membership going from the start of the new year.

Sat - 60 minutes elliptical (approx 300 calories): Felt good :) Not as good as running but I did get some reading done for class and watched some news so multi-tasking/productive...

Sun - 60 minutes, cross-trainer, resistance 13, 5.72 miles: This was quite a workout. I probably worked as hard as I would have in any run :) I was pretty beaten up and my HR was right up there!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Hilarious runner videos

I am a runner

How to Talk to Non-Runners

Marathoner vs Non-Runner

Marathons Runner's Monday Morning at Work

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Top 5 cities for young adults

I rest my case :)

#1 Seattle, WA!
Seattle, Wash.
Metro population: 3,349,809
Residents ages 20-29: 14.5%
Cost-of-living score: 116.1
Monthly rent: $942
Starting salary: $46,700

San Francisco and Silicon Valley can claim many of the biggest names in tech, but travel 14 hours north to find high-paying IT, aerospace and green energy jobs at a fraction of the Bay area living cost. Amazon, which has its headquarters in Seattle, began a hiring spree in March. Boeing, Microsoft and the University of Washington also employ thousands in the region. In the off-hours, Seattleites have their pick of theaters, coffee shops and concert halls. For all that, the rent and groceries remain reasonable: Seattle’s cost of living is 30% lower than San Francisco’s and 23% less than San Jose’s.

Top selling point: Like Silicon Valley, but with better coffee.
Biggest drawback: Cloudy 226 days a year.

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