Sunday, August 14, 2011

On a knife-edge...

My dad's been very sick the past few days :(( My sister reached India today. I will head down after she returns. It is not optimal for both of us to be there at the same time. My dad has lead an honorable and hard-working life so it's so unfair that he has to suffer so much with Parkinson's ...

Funny how when bad things happen they always happen in a cluster ...

30 miles.

Mon - 6
On the Lake Sammamish trail where I used to get in all my runs when I lived in Redmond. It's been a while since I've run there.

Tue - 0

Wed - 7 w/10*800s
Hit the paces at the Kirkland track but for the last few 800s my knee started hurting. It's still not there yet :(

Thurs - 10
Definately felt my knee but it was a run none-the-less. Saw Nikki running along the waterfront too...

Fri - 0

Sat - 0

Sun - 7
In San Juan...


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