Sunday, August 21, 2011

Accepting my limitations

On Monday I said, "I accept that my body has limitations. That's what I'm trying to work with...". After that I ended the week with 75 miles :p

My dad seems to be getting stronger. Fingers crossed...

Mon - 6
Early morn run on Independence day...

Tue - 7 w/10*800m
Thankful that the knee held up and I was able to go all out.

Wed - 10

Thur - 8 w/9*hill repeats
An Indian lady with her mom was thinking of turning as I was on the crosswalk. I gave her such a cold and angry stare accompanied by a shrug of my hands and shoulders that she immediately apologized :p

Fri - 10
On the Lake Sammamish trail. 

Sat - 23
Loops around Green Lake...

2:30am in the morning as all of us are huddled together in the snow. The moonlight illuminates the reflection of Mt. Rainier on Tipsoo Lake. We watch shooting starts amongst the star-filled sky. Climbers with their headlamps are visible making their final ascent to the peak... Some moments in life stick around for a bit...

Sun - 11
Hempfest aka. "Pot" fest is going on around Elliott bay. The whole place as I had discovered last year is covered in the stench of Marijuana. So this year I avoided the place altogether. I ran around Lake Union instead. It was a nice change of scenery. It was nice seeing the sea planes takeoff and land. I ended up running through the hottest temps of the year - 87F.


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