Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sweet home Alabama...

Sweet home Alabama -

An extreme cutback week with just 2 runs and onlly 16 miles.

Mon - REST
After literally crashing for 10 hours last night I'm feeling alive again. My energy meter was at zero - I didn't even have the energy to take my wallet out before collapsing on my bed...

I was pretty sore after yesterday so I decided to skip my run.

Cool Fact:
In a Men's health magazine study, Seattle was rated as the most physically active city in the US!! That's why I love living here :))

Tue - REST
I really did intend to run but I came home, sat on my couch... The next time I open my eyes it was 1:09am :p

Wed - 10
Not a bad day for a run after salsa class...

Thurs - 6
My first hip-hop class... I wasn't the oldest person in the class but I was the only person of color :) Hey, you're got to try everything atleast once in your life time!

I crashed the Office365 ship party in the MSFT soccer fields. More ice-cream fridges, fresh roasted corn and food :)

Decided against running in the heat of Alabama. I got to partake in my friend's special days in Birmingham, Alabama :) Great fun and memories!!


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