Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jumping over hurdles...

The week hardly went as planned and I did not get in the workouts I wanted to get in. However, considering the twisted leg, trip to Vancouver, and non-packed running clothes, I'll take what I managed to salvage - 57 miles for the week.

Mon - REST
I got some awesome running clothes from Niketown. Really splurged on them and running stuff is really expensive in Canada. However, I did need some stuff to wear for Berlin so this will be it :)

Didn't get to run in the evening. More important to spend time with sis :)

Sight of the day: The sunset across the Vancouver waterfront.

Tue - 16
I felt so guilty about not running the previous 2 days that I got up at 5:30am to get in some miles. It was a beautiful route along the Vancouver seawall.

Sight of the day: I saw 2 raccoons playing :)

Wed - 8
It was an awesome night for a run and I was really enjoying my run till I rolled my leg. It was dark and I stepped on an uneven surface. It hurt! I hobbled 2 miles before walking the rest :(( My most painful run in a long time. I think training for Berlin is just jinxed :(

Sight of the day: A bald eagle sitting on a light post on the 520 bridge watching the cars go by.

Event of the Day: Getting to watch Manchester United.

Thu and Fri - REST
After how painful Wed's run ended up being I decided against running for a couple of days. However, work and the hours after that on both days were amazing!! So my bad running karma got balanced with good work and life karma :)

Event of the Day Thu: A late night sojourn in Renton :)
Events of the Day Fri:
Taize service at St. James Cathedral.
Watching Taal on a huge outdoors screen, beneath a star-filled sky while mocking Akshaye Khanna's antics :)

Sat - 10
I am relieved, thankful and grateful that I could run today without any issues. I ran on the same route that I had to struggle through on Wed. Symbolism!

Sights of the day:
Witnessing wedding photos being taken by the Elliott Marina on a gorgeous Seattle day
A dog swimming playfully in the water to retrieve a ball being thrown for him.

Sun - 23
Ran loops around Green Lake starting at 11am. It was pretty warm - got up to 79F by the time I was done... The good thing about running around Green Lake is that a) There is a lot of shade b) There are water fountains c) You can forget about where you are running and get lost in your thoughts d) It's lively especially on a day like today.

I have absolutely no complains about the hot females in bikinis sun bathing around Green Lake. In fact I encourage them to frequent the location when I am running. However, women above a certain age should be banned from wearing bikinis in public. Yes, 70 year old lady. I'm sure you were a knockout in your times. But you really should not subject us to the agony of having to look at you in a bikini now ... end rant :p


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