Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hit by a careless driver

On Tue:
For the first time in all these years I've been running, I got hit by a car. She did not stop at the crosswalk and turned without looking. As I was getting hit and falling to the ground, I was thinking in my head - "What is wrong with you? Why are you not stopping? How can you do this"... Felt like slow-motion. Talk about training for the Berlin marathon being jinxed... One obstacle after the other. Really, don't know when I will be running next...

People asked me if I took down her information. As far as I am concerned that will do me no good. It would have been nice if she did not hit me but now I just need to get on with it...

Could have been much worse if the hit had been at a faster speed. Got to be thankful. When I was going to Costco over the weekend, one of the exits were cordoned off. Later I read that a Google engineer was hit by a reckless driver in an incident of road rage. The engineer had a 5 and 7 year old kid and had just celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary. He had nothing to do with the incident that provoked the road rage.

On Sun:
Yet another week where I did not get in the training I wanted to. Yet again I am thankful for what I could salvage this week: 65 miles. Reminds me of my high school motto - "Never give in!"

I wonder what lies ahead - an earthquake?? *Note to god: This comment is in jest :p

Mon - 10
It's hard to believe that the Berlin marathon is in exactly 2 months. I've just not been able to run consistently :((

Happening of the day: Day 1 of TechReady. I ended up getting interviewed on camera :-| I don't know where my footage will end up. I think I spoke coherently :p

Tue - 12 w/10*800m
5:30am in the rain. Wanted to make it to a party in the evening so this was the only option to get it in. 10 800s is a tough workout even without having to run it alone on a muddy track...

A lot of people came to the track and went but I stayed through it all...

"Till last by Philip's farm I flow
To join the brimming river,

For men may come and men may go,
But I go on for ever.

I chatter over stony ways,
In little sharps and trebles,
I bubble into eddying bays,
I babble on the pebbles."

The Brook by Alfred Lord Tennyson

In all the years I've been running this was the first time I've ever been hit by a car. Is it too difficult to come to a complete stop at the crosswalk and then look to the right before turning??? To her credit at least she stopped on the side after she saw that she had knocked me to the ground. However, like any self-respecting roadkill I got up and continued running :p My leg has cuts but hopefully nothing is broken.
*Note to god: During the last 800 when I said I'd rather be hit by a train... I was talking figuratively... lol...

Update: After an hour or so the pain reached excruciating levels. I have a huge pain threshold but it was pretty bad. Walking was painful. Even sitting still was painful. After trying to sleep for a couple of hours, I took a cab to the Swedish ER. 5 hours hence... X-rays showed no break. On crutches and an ace-bandage. Got a tetanus shot for the open wound...

Wed - REST
I'm amazed by the human body's ability to recover. I feel better by the hour! I am thankful for the peace of mind provided by Microsoft's health insurance plan. Not a single $ charged to me. No co-pay, no-premiums, no limits...

Thurs - REST
The good thing about this being a muscle injury vs a bone injury is that it's in my control. For a bone injury you have to layoff it - crutches et. al. For a muscle injury the more activity you get in the better - ice, ibuprofen, strengthening... It's up to you - if you really really want to recover fast you will!!

I got in a PT apt in the evening and he concurred with my views on what I needed to do to recover. He said that my knee was very swollen and inflamed. Some e-stem and ultrasound. Strengthening exercises...

So what does one do when they can't run? They go to a drag show :)

Fri - 10 !!!

Moment of the day: The mundane ability to run after having to use crutches to walk less than 48 hours back. In the words of Frank Costanza - "I'm back baby!!" :)

It was a beautiful Seattle summer evening... When I was finishing up I heard someone shout out - "Subhasish". It was Bonny and Ronny :) I had not seen them since they had a kid. Nice end to the run :)

Sat - 22.2
Considering I ran 10 yesterday evening and everything else this week :p I wanted to be reasonably conservative. Of course when you are running in a group plans are just plans... So there were hills run and fast miles thrown in. On Tue if someone had told me I'd be running 22 miles on Sat I'd have told them they'd lost it.

I told our coach, Chuck about Tuesday and how I'd never though I'd be running today. His terse remark - "You're superman." :-|

Torchlight parade in the evening. I've always wanted to run the 8k before the parade starts but never got around to it. Probably never will now.

Sun - 11
Overcast and raining.

I've become super-sensitive of cars on near the crosswalk. I find myself giving the drivers cold stares. If looks could kill they'd all be dead by now :p I don't know what's up with drivers these days but I've been hearing of a spate of reckless driving incidents. I just saw one in front on my eyes last night. At the end of the torchlight parade a bus jumped a red light and almost took out a pedestrian but someone pulled her back!!

Sight of the day: The numerous colorful wildflowers by the waterfront. I've got to take a camera during a run to photograph them!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you aren't hurt too badly and that you get to run the Berlin pain-free.

Taking a leaf from your book, I too have started running (very slowly!), but have developed some sort of platellofemoral syndrome. Waiting for it to go away so I can start running again. :)

-- Neil

7/26/2011 7:22 PM  
Blogger Sub said...

Thanks Neil! Thankfully I haven't gotten my air tickets yet. I don't intend to run through any pain so I'll be bagging the race if this turns out to be serious...

Hope you get to start running soon!!

7/27/2011 1:03 AM  

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