Sunday, July 10, 2011

Getting back to it...

It's amazing how difficult getting back into the groove can be after just 5 days off from running. Ended up with 35 miles for the week.

Mon - REST
The sight of a day was a blue heron taking off in flight at the Bellingrath gardens. Majestic!!

Tue - REST
I opened my eyes to an announcement from the pilot to look outside and enjoy the beauty of the Tetons. I spent the rest of the flight mesmerized by the beauty below!

Wed - 6
Finally woke up early (at 5am) and headed out for a run by 6am. A very different look compared to my evening runs. Folks doing Yoga... Energetic feel.

I got to see Tabu, one of the most talented Indian actresses around, in the evening...

Thur - 6
The smell of fresh rain

Fri - 6
Could not have a better summer morning to run!!

Sat 17
A solid long run at 7:55 pace.

I was talking about the hot tea served at the Berlin marathon. Funny how both me and the new girl from Purdue remembered the Seinfeld "hot coffee" episode immediately.

As the new guy referred to "his boyfriend", Larry exclaimed "Hey you're gay!". Awkward moment but everything was normal there after :)

Sun - REST
I went out to run but just didn't feel like it. I had eaten too much in the afternoon and the food was not digested so no running :p


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