Sunday, May 29, 2011

An uneventful week?

20 miles for the week. It was very hectic with classes getting over, travel, work, and life. The end is almost there. A couple of days from a four month summer break for school!!

Wed - 6
Missed runs on Mon (a celebratory meet up with my MBA group for the year - perhaps our last meet-up as a group :( ) and Tue (Capitol Club with ...)...

Moment of the day - The last class of the year - Marketing. Our Prof. makes people who come in late to class, sing. In the middle of class a guy comes in late. In an orchestrated move all of us go "Song Song". He starts singing but then presents 2 Tiffany's boxes to the Prof. She opens them. One has a small Boeing plane and other Dinosaur Eggs. The Tiffany's box, the dinosaur eggs and Boeing represents 3 memorable HBS class cases. Our Prof is so moved that she starts crying in front of 110 odd MBA students. One of my most moving moments as a student. So happy for her :) She really went out of her way to make this class amazing and is a really nice person!

Thurs - 6
Stopped a few times during the run and stared at the water lost in my thoughts...

Sight of the day - twilight

Fri - REST
Missed my run today too. Just no time to run. Off on a surprise trip to NYC for memorial day weekend. It's be a nice surprise for my niece, nephew and sister bright and early on Sat morning. My bil is in on the secret :)

Moment of the day: I stopped at the airport convenience store to pick up some trail mix for the flight. The casher was a hispanic lady. She shocked me with a perfect pronouncement of "Bhattacharya". I was even more surprised when she asked me - "From West Bengal?". With a beaming smile she responded - "My son in law is also a Bhattacharya!" She asked me for my name. Me - "Subhasish". She told me his name was - "Uttoron". How proud and fond she was of her son-in-law!!

Sat - REST
No time to run. I have 2 take home final exams to finish :(

Sight of the day: I opened my eyes and looked out of the plane window to see a majestic NY sunrise... The words of a hymn we used to sing in school as a kid came to my mind - "Morning has broken like the first morning, Blackbird has spoken like the first bird..."

Sun - 8
I was glad to finally get a chance to run. I had handed in one of my take home exams so I could head out for a run. It was my hottest run of the year thus far. It was 76F in Valhalla when I started off. I could feel the heat on the soles of my shoes. I held up OK :)

Sight of the day: Central park is one of my most fav places on this planet... I was wandering aimlessly with a friend there today when we came to a spot where neither of us had been before! A tunnel which was decorated as a chapel... From inside emanated magical sounds of three people singing. Surreal!

Sight of the day 2: I was running as dusk approached. I came across a creature which looked like a tortoise, crossing the path. We stared at each other... Finally, I took a pic of it and continued running :)


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